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The Unexpected Consequences Of A DUI

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Getting behind the wheel of your car or truck after having a few too many alcoholic beverages can be devastating. Drunk drivers can cause fatal accidents. At best, you could be pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence.

People often think that the arrest and subsequent legal action are the only negative consequences of a DUI conviction. The truth of the matter is that a DUI can have far-reaching and unexpected consequences that will affect various aspects of your life.

DUI Convictions and Passports

Traveling abroad can be an exciting and memorable use of your time. Although it is rare, there is the possibility that you will be unable to enjoy U.S. passport privileges after being convicted of a DUI. The judge overseeing your case has the authority to revoke your passport privileges and bar you from international travel.

Even if you are able to retain a valid U.S. passport, you may find that you are unable to obtain a visa from the country you hope to visit because you have a felony conviction on your record. An attorney can help you determine what, if any, effect your DUI will have on your ability to travel outside the United States in the future.

DUI Convictions and Professional Licensing

Gainful employment is required to generate the income needed to support you and your family. Some occupations require that you obtain a professional license in order to remain employed. Licensing requirements vary by industry, but there are some industries that frown on DUI convictions.

Real estate agents and insurance agents or brokers could find themselves facing the revocation of their professional license following a DUI conviction. These industries feel that a DUI reflects negatively on the character of an individual, and they want to maintain their reliable image.

Nurses, doctors, teachers, and other people who work with the public could lose their professional license when convicted of a DUI as well.

DUI Convictions and Employment

If you work in a field that doesn't require professional licensing, your job could still be at risk as a result of your DUI conviction. Many states are employment at will states, which means employers can fire you for a DUI conviction.

A conviction on your record could also prevent you from being hired by a new company. If you want to protect your employment status, you need to work with an experienced attorney to try and avoid a DUI conviction.