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Two TV Crime Myths That You Shouldn't Believe

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Like many people, you might love so-called "true crime" shows that feature detectives, criminals or mysteries. Usually, these shows have police consultants that they rely on to make things as close to real life as possible, but writers, directors and producers still take liberties in order to make their show entertaining. There are some common things you might have seen on television shows that don't quite reflect the truth; you shouldn't use those situations as a guide if you find yourself in any kind of legal trouble. Here are just two of the TV myths you should not believe.

Throwing or Flushing Narcotics Down the Drain

You have no doubt seen criminals on television notice that the cops are about to invade the place and hurry to get rid of any sign of illegal substances. They might throw packets out the window or flush powder down the toilet drain. The implication is that they do this so that they cannot be charged with possession of anything, as there are no physical signs of illegal substances when the police enter.

This tactic usually doesn't work in real life for a number of reasons. The police have typically earned a search warrant, which requires proof of wrongdoing. In itself, that information could act as evidence in court, as could any statement made by police on the scene who may have seen packets flying out the window.

Arrests Thrown Out Because Rights Weren't Read

You have probably seen television cops arrest someone in a dramatic manner, only to be told that the "perp" had to be let go later because the police didn't read the Miranda rights to them. This is also a misguided myth. Miranda rights are only given to a person that the cops plan to question about a crime, and if it is found that the perpetrator was not read those rights, they aren't simply let go if there is compelling evidence that they should be detained. When they finally have their day in court, their lawyer will typically attempt to have their comments and answers struck from the record.

Now that you're more aware of what is real and what isn't in your favorite crime shows, be reminded not to believe everything you see onscreen. If you ever get into legal trouble yourself, contact a good defense lawyer like one from The Ryan Law Firm who can give you the truth about the situation and help you get out of trouble.