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Facing A Felony For Drugs In Your Home: What A Lawyer Can Do

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Do you have frequent houseguests and got busted because a lot of drugs were found in your home? If you don't get the right kind of legal help to prove that you are not a drug dealer, you might end up in jail for a long time for a crime that you didn't commit. Find out in this article how a lawyer can defend you against unfair drug dealing charges and what you might have to pay for the legal help.

How Can a Lawyer Assist a Homeowner Accused of Dealing Drugs?

After hiring a drug defense lawyer, like the ones at Pollack & Ball LLC, he or she will ask questions about the type of people that spend a lot of time in your home. Keep in mind that everything spoken between you and your lawyer will be held confidential, so don't leave out any information. The main focus of your lawyer will be figuring out how the drugs got into your house and if you can be held responsible in any way. For instance, you can still be charged if you were aware of the drugs, but your lawyer may be able to get the charge reduced.

The lawyer will make sure that everyone who has spent time in your house is investigated for criminal activity. It is wise for you not to fear giving the lawyers the name of someone that you are suspicious of, as it can prevent you from getting punished for a felony. You can be place under a witness protection program if it is determined that your life is in danger. Your lawyer can make sure that you are given a new identity and taken to a secluded place until the person responsible for the drugs is arrested.

To prove your innocence, your lawyer will also do things that include:

  • Obtaining your criminal records
  • Speaking to people about your character
  • Finding witnesses that can speak in court

How Much is a Drug Defense Lawyer Estimated to Charge?

Your lawyer will need you to pay a retainer fee in advance that is estimated at a minimum of $5,000 for a felony drug case. However, a complex drug case that requires a lot of work from the lawyer can run over $30,000. An hourly rate $100 or more will be deducted from the upfront retainer fee, but you will have to pay more money if the retainer money runs out. Talk to a drug defense lawyer as soon as possible so he or she can begin working on your defense!